Best answer: How do I get to Baler by car?

Drive all the way to Maharlika Highway in Talavera, and then turn right when you see the signage which says “To Baler” in Rizal. After Rizal, the road ascends and winds up in Pantabangan, then descends at Maria Aurora. Continue driving and turn right to Baler.

How do I get from Manila to Baler by car?

By Private Car

Upon reaching Cabanatuan City Proper, take the Nueva Ecija-Aurora highway, passing through the towns of Talavera, Rizal and Pantabangan until reaching the Nueva Ecija-Aurora border, then drive thru the towns of Maria Aurora, San Luis, until you reach Baler. Travel time would take about 5-6 hours.

How do you commute to Baler?

From Manila, travel time to Baler is roughly 5 to 6 hours. If you’re taking public transportation, the most direct way to get there is via the Joy Bus of Genesis Transport. You can also reach Baler via Victory Liner bus to Cabanatuan. From there, you’ll have to transfer to a van or another bus to bring you to Baler.

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How do you get to Sabang Beach Baler?

How to Get There

  1. From Manila, board a bus bound for Baler (P500-750). Rates vary depending on the class of the seat. …
  2. Once in Baler, ride a tricycle to your hotel (P10-20/head); much better if your hotel is located at Sabang Beach area. You can also hire a tricycle for a full-day or half-day tour.

How do I get from Baguio to Baler?

HOW TO GET TO BALER FROM BAGUIO. Lizardo Bus has daily trips to Baler from Baguio – Slaughterhouse Terminal at 2:00 PM. Bus is ordinary, fare is Php 330, and travel time is roughly 9 hours. The bus passes by outside the welcome arch of the town of Pugo, La Union.

What is Baler known for?

Baler is famous for its surfing spots, offering some of the best waves you can catch in Asia. But there’s more to this town than surfing. With tons of amazing places to visit, you will never run out of fun things to do in Baler. From laid back to thrilling activities, this town has a lot to offer.

How far is Zambales from Manila?

The distance between Manila and Zambales is 133 km.

Can I go to Baler now?

BALER, Aurora—The provincial government here has temporarily barred the entry of tourists and non-residents to the province to prevent the transmission of the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Where can I buy pasalubong in Baler?

Popular pasalubong stores in Baler

  • LRT Store. Location: Quezon St, Baler, Aurora. …
  • Mura Crafts, Gifts, and Souvenirs. Location: Quezon St, Baler, Aurora. …
  • Giiiggles. Location; Brgy. …
  • Pasalubong Center. Location; Brgy. …
  • Nanay Pacing Food Products. Location: Brgy. …
  • Baler Public Market. Dried seafood.
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How far is baler Quezon from Manila?

The distance between Manila and Baler is 143 km. The road distance is 224.8 km.

How do you get to Dicasalarin Cove?


  1. from Sabang Beach, you can hire a tricycle ride all the way to Dicasalarin Cove.
  2. it was roughly an hour and a half travel time going to the Dicasalarin Point. …
  3. from the Dicasalarin Point you have to ride a habal-habal to go straight to the Dicasalarin Beach – Php 150.00 per pax the trip.

How do I get to Puerto Galera by car?

Puerto Galera is three hours away from Metro Manila. If you’re already in Manila, getting there is pretty easy. Having a car is very convenient, all you need to do is drive through South Luzon Expressway turn right to Star Toll gate and then head to Batangas Pier.

How do I commute from Balo to Cubao?

From Manila

  1. From Manila, Baler is roughly 5-6 hours from Cubao Bus terminal. …
  2. If you’re more interested in something less curvy, you can take a bus to Cabanatuan and get a van to Baler from there.

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How do I get from Cabanatuan to Baler?

The best way to get from Cabanatuan City to Baler without a car is to bus which takes 3h and costs ₱240 – ₱390. How long does it take to get from Cabanatuan City to Baler? The bus from Cabanatuan City to Baler takes 3h including transfers and departs five times a day.

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