Best answer: How much does a John Deere 70 weigh?

John Deere 70 Tires: Ag front: 6.00-16 Ag rear: 12-38
Gas Weight (operating): 6538 lbs [2965 kg]
Diesel Weight (operating): 7079 lbs [3211 kg]
Weight (ballasted): 9000 lbs [4082 kg]
Wheelbase: 91 inches [231 cm]

How much horsepower does a John Deere 70 have?

The John Deere 70 is equipped with a John Deere gasoline 2-cylinder 4-valve liquid-cooled 379.5 ci [6.2 L] engine, which produces 45.60 hp [34.0 kW] (Drawbar (tested)) power at rated rpm 975.

How much do John Deere tractor weights weigh?

Additional information

Weight 101 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Color Black, Green (matches John Deere Green)
Weight 41lbs, 50lbs, 70lbs, 55lbs, 100lbs, 100 lbs 1 7/16″ (see description)

How much does a John Deere 6140r weight?

John Deere 6140R

Engine RPM: 1000@1995
Dimensions & Tires:
Wheelbase: 108.9 inches [276 cm]
Weight: 13,583 lbs [6161 kg]

How much does a John Deere 6155r weight?

John Deere 6155R

Dimensions & Tires
2WD Wheelbase: 117.5 inches 298 cm
Weight: 17028 lbs 7723 kg
Front tire: 11.00-20
2WD Rear tire: 480/80R46

How many horsepower is a John Deere 50?

John Deere 50 Row-Crop Tractor was equipped with a John Deere gasoline 2-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which delivers 28.11 hp (21.0 kW) power at rated rpm 1250.

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How much horsepower does a John Deere 720 have?

John Deere 720

John Deere 720 Power:
Drawbar (claimed): 53 hp [39.5 kW]
PTO (claimed): 59 hp [44.0 kW]
Belt (claimed): 50.67 hp [37.8 kW]
Drawbar (tested): 53.41 hp [39.8 kW]

How many hours do John Deere tractors last?

The exception may be some Cub Cadet, Husqvarna and John Deere lawn tractors intended for commercial use, which are designed to go for 400-500 hours.

How much weight should be on the front of a tractor?

A Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) tractor should weigh 120-145 pounds per PTO horsepower. 130 pounds is a common weight used per PTO horsepower. The weight split should be 35-40% of the weight in the front, and 60-65% of the weight to the rear.

What is the average weight of a tractor?

You can expect an average tractor weight to be about 15,628 pounds (7,089 kg). How much a tractor weighs will vary depending on its use. Tractors designed for personal or home use tend to weigh between 1,300 to 4,000 lbs, while commercial tractors can weigh well above 10,000 lbs.