Frequent question: How tall is a 9 5 15 tractor tire?

How tall is a 9.5 15 tractor tire?

Technical Details

Manufacturer Carlisle
Product Dimensions 29.9 x 29.9 x 9.2 inches
Item model number 51F244
Manufacturer Part Number 51F244
Section Width 9.5 Inches

How tall is a 9.5 16 tractor tire?

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Size 9.5-16, 9.5×16
Rim Diameter 16
Width 9.5, 9.50, 950
Height/Ratio 33

How tall is a tractor tire?

To sum this up, a 18×8. 50-8 tire is 18” inches tall, is 8.5” inches wide, and mounts correctly on an 8” diameter rim.

Where are Cropmaster tires made?

Tire jockey tells me they are made in China and he has sold hundreds of them.

How tall is a 9.5-24 tractor tire?


Size UTQG Overall Diameter
11.2-24 43.2
12.4-24 45.5
16.9-24 52.4
9.5-24 41.2

How tall is a 11.2 24 tractor tire?

Additional information

Weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 12 × 44 in
Height/Ratio 43.4
Rim Diameter 24
Width 11.2

How tall is a 9.5 x24 tractor tire?

Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 Tractor Tire – 9.5-24

Size 9.5-24
Tread Depth 24 Millimeters
Rim Size 24 Inches
Speed Rating L
Tire Diameter 41.26 inches

What are standard tire sizes?

Common Tire Sizes

  • 14 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. Passenger Car and Light Truck/CUV/SUV Tire Sizes. …
  • 15 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 16 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 17 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 18 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 19 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 20 Inch Tires. Expandable Link. …
  • 21 Inch Tires. Expandable Link.
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Is tire size the same as rim size?

Wheels and tires are not interchangeable words. Tires are a part of the wheel setup. For instance, your vehicle has a set size of rims, but you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims, as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size.

What do the 3 numbers mean on tire size?

B: TIRE WIDTH The three-digit number following the letter is the tire’s width (from side to side, looking at the tire head on) in millimeters. … It’s the height of the sidewall measured from wheel rim to top of the tread, expressed as a percentage of tire width. In other words, it’s sidewall height divided by tire width.