How do I know if my lawn mower blade is bent?

Even something like a slightly bent blade can quickly damage the engine and body, not to mention destroy your lawn. There are a few signs that point to a bent blade — an uneven cut, bumpy handling, strange grinding noises and the mower stalling.

Can a bent mower blade be fixed?

If the mower blade gets bent, it will no longer spin correctly on the lawn mower. Letting a lawn mower run with a bent blade can severely damage the engine. The typical solution to this problem is to replace the blade with a new one from your local home improvement store.
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Will a bent lawn mower blade cause vibration?

A bent crankshaft (even one that is just slightly bent) can cause excessive vibration when the mower is running, as the spinning blade will be unbalanced.

What do you do with old lawn mower blades?

Knife Blades – The most obvious way to reuse your lawn mower blades is to turn them into knives. A knife for protection, a machete for chopping through the brush, or a simple backyard knife – whatever. There will be some metalwork involved, so check out this video tutorial on how to shape and finish your knife.

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Which side of mower blade faces down?

The sharp edge should face outward and down toward the grass. The dull edge should face the inside of the mower. That being said, changing a lawnmower blade involves various steps, and you need to make sure that you do everything correctly.

Which way do mower blades spin?

Most lawn mower blades rotate in a clockwise direction (counter-clockwise when viewed from below), and as such have the cutting edge on the right side. If you are unsure of how your mower rotates, check the position of the discharge chute; if it is on the right side angled back, the blade turns clockwise.

What causes a bent strut?

Loading more weight into a vehicle than it is rated to carry can cause the struts supporting the car to bend. However, even if a car is near, but not beyond, its maximum payload, potholes or other flaws in the road can bounce the vehicle. This bouncing can cause weight shifts inside the vehicle that can bend struts.

How much does it cost to fix a spindle?

The price, including labor, to replace a full set of spindles can range anywhere from $1,200 to $1,600.

Can you drive with a bad spindle?

Not replacing damaged spindles could be a detrimental liability if a vehicle loses a wheel on the highway. Spindle damage can cause too much play on the bearing journals.