How much does a new Kioti tractor cost?

Kioti Model Name Kioti Model Price
Kioti CK2610 HST Tractor $ 16,600.00 USD
Kioti CK3510 Tractor $ 20,800.00 USD
Kioti CK3510 HST Tractor $ 20,995.00 USD
Kioti CK4010 Tractor $ 21,100.00 USD

How much is a new Kioti tractor?

Kioti Tractors Price List 2021

Model Name Price
Kioti CS2210 Tractor $10,900.00 Finance
Kioti CS2510 Tractor $13,500.00 Finance

Is a Kioti Tractor any good?

Both are well built tractors, have excellent warranties and customer support available, and both tractors are extremely popular. Their versatility makes them great for anything from jobs around the property to construction type applications, and everything in between.

Where are the Kioti tractors made?

Kioti tractors are manufactured in Wendell, North Carolina, by Daedong USA, a subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Company. Daedong USA was established in the United States in 1993 as a manufacturer and distributor of tractors, attachments and utility terrain vehicles.

How much is a kioti sub compact tractor?

Kioti CS2210 Sub Compact Tractor price. The CS2210 Sub-compact Tractor price is $17,125 USD.

Does kioti make Bobcat?

These new tractors are designed by Bobcat, but they’re currently being built by Daedong, makers of the Kioti tractor brand. … Beyond the size of the market, Bobcat says tractors serve as a good way to introduce the brand to new customers.

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How much does a kioti cs2510 cost?

As outfitted, our test TLB carried a MSRP of $22,500 which is quite competitive for the package niceties and capabilities.

Are Daedong engines good?

Daedong/Kioti builds a very durable, reliable tractor and well designed w/ many features not found on the competitors. They are also very competively and offer a great value for the “buck”. Also, they will out spec. the competition in wt.

Who makes engines for Kioti tractors?

World-Class Daedong Diesel Engines.

Today, Daedong Industrial Co. proudly produces high quality diesel engines ranging from 24.5-73 horsepower, all of which are built in line with EPA, EC, CARB, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Which is better Kubota or Mahindra?

Engine. The Kubota does have a more powerful engine with more gross horsepower, however the PTO horsepower is almost the same. One big thing the Kubota has over the Mahindra is its custom-built engine. … The Mahindra’s engine manufacturer can vary, with some carrying Mitsubishi engines or other manufacturers.

What’s the best compact tractor for the money?

Here are five of the best sub compact tractors for sale on the market today, whether you drive them off the lot or order direct.

  1. John Deere 1025R. Nothing runs like a Deere, as the old saying goes. …
  2. Kubota BX1880. …
  3. Mahindra eMax 20S HST. …
  4. New Holland Workmaster 25S. …
  5. Massey Ferguson GC1723EB.

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What color is a Kioti tractor?

It is no secret that a Kioti tractor, with its orange coloring scheme, similar hood shape and decal lettering look an awful lot like a Kubota.

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What tractors use Daedong engines?

List of tractors built by Daedong for other companies

  • Bobcat by Daedong.
  • Cub Cadet by Daedong.
  • Daenong by Daedong.
  • JCB by Daedong.
  • Landini by Daedong.
  • McCormick International by Daedong.
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How much does a small Kubota tractor cost?

Commercial vehicles

Kubota BX1870 Compact Tractor $11,900
Kubota BX2370 Compact Tractor $13,416
Kubota BX2670 Compact Tractor $12,896
Kubota BX25D Compact Tractor $19,900