How much is a John Deere 4440 worth?

Is a John Deere 4440 a good tractor?

With 16,000 hours, the one I purchased was still going strong! It had clearly been worked hard, but the engine, steering, hydraulics, and transmission were all in great working order. The John Deere 4440 is a powerful tractor. … These cosmetic problems are common in tractors this old and they really drive down the price.

What year is a 4440 John Deere?

The John Deere 4440 was part of the Iron Horse Series of tractors made in Waterloo from 1978 – 1982.

What does a John Deere 4440 weigh?

John Deere 4440

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 106.7 inches 271 cm
Weight: 11780 to 13270 pounds
Front tire: 10.00-16
Rear tire: 18.4-38

What is the most rare John Deere tractor?

Four Most Valuable Tractors Sold at Auction

  • 1913 Case Model 30-60. One of the rarest and most collectible tractors ever manufactured sold in September 2007 for a heart-stopping $400,000. …
  • 1988 John Deere 4450 Tractor. In March 2013, this one-owner John Deere tractor with only 2,612 engine hours sold for a record-high price of $70,750. …
  • 1918 Huber Model 35-70.
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What engine is in a John Deere 4440?

The John Deere 4440 row-crop tractor used the John Deere engine. It is a 7.6 L, 7,636 cm2, (466 cu·in) six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 116.0 mm (4.57 in) of the cylinder bore and 121.0 mm (4.76 in) of the piston stroke.

How much freon does a 4440 John Deere take?

3.25 lbs with a Delco Compressor.

How much horsepower does a 7810 John Deere have?

John Deere 7810

John Deere 7810 Power
Engine: 175 hp 130.5 kW
Drawbar (tested): 139.47 hp 104.0 kW
PTO (tested): 167.58 hp 125.0 kW
power test details …

How tall is a John Deere 4440?

John Deere 4440 DIMENSIONS

Wheelbase: 106.7 inches 271 cm
Width: 96 inches 243 cm
109 inches 276 cm (long axle)
119 inches 302 cm (long axle)
Height (cab): 117.3 inches 297 cm

How many horsepower is a 4840 John Deere?

John Deere 4840

John Deere 4840 Power
Drawbar (claimed): 157 hp 117.1 kW
PTO (claimed): 180 hp 134.2 kW
Drawbar (tested): 151.21 hp 112.8 kW
PTO (tested): 180.63 hp 134.7 kW

How many horsepower is a John Deere 4640?

John Deere 4640

John Deere 4640 Power
PTO (claimed): 155 hp 115.6 kW
Drawbar (tested): 132.44 hp 98.8 kW
PTO (tested): 156.30 hp 116.6 kW
power test details …

What does the R mean on John Deere tractors?

Some may wonder, “What does the ‘R’ mean on John Deere tractors?” On this particular series, it may as well stand for “ready.” The 6R Tractors come prepared to lift the heaviest silage bales, pull a loaded planter or drill, and take on overgrown pastures, dirty stalls, or large piles of heavy material.

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What is the rarest tractor in the world?

Take a look at 5 of the rarest tractors around.

  • 5.) 1960 Massey-Ferguson 98/Oliver Super 99 GM.
  • 4.) 1925 John Deere D (Spoker)
  • 3.) 1918 Waterloo Boy R.
  • 2.) 1938 Graham-Bradley 503-103.
  • 1.) 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor.

Does Big Bud still make tractors?

Big Buds are known for their large size and horsepower. One 1,100 horsepower tractor is called the Big Bud 747. The line is also known for its standard construction parts allowing to them to be rebuilt, Harmon said. Big Equipment does not manufacture the tractors today, but once did.