Quick Answer: What is the difference between a John Deere 317 and 318?

The 317 could be set up to use a cat “O” 3 point hitch OR the sleeve hitch (Deere calls it an integral hitch), the 318 could use the cat “O” 3 point hitch but no integral sleeve hitch was offered, just an adapter for the 3 point to use sleeve hitch attachments.

What year is a John Deere 317?

The John Deere 317 tractor represents the “deluxe” series of 300 class hydrostatic tractors manufactured from 1979 to 1983-84. John Deere decided to add several new design additions, including moving much of the steering equipment to the left side of the chassis.

With the release of the 318, John Deere placed a significant emphasis on ease of use and operator comfort, as anyone who has ever used an earlier 300 series tractor will certainly attest to. The 318 was an enormous sales success, outselling other models.

How much is a John Deere 318 worth?

THese are a really sharp and good tractor if well maintained. Substantial parts items like transmission, etc are getting hard to find. I have seen them go equipped similar for $1,500 to $2,800. For the avg user that is not a DEERE nut it is probably not worth that much but to the right guy definately on the higher end.

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What is a John Deere 314 worth?

Registered. A 314 is probably a $6-800 dollar tractor in good running condition. That said- it looks really nice and has a replacement 48 deck which could be worth 350 on its own.

How many horsepower is a John Deere 317?

It has a four cylinder John Deere 4024T liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine that produces 61 horsepower. This John Deere 317 skid steer weighs 6300 pounds and is shown to the left with a general bucket attachment. View entire John Deere 317 specifications below.

What size battery does a John Deere 318 take?

The 22F is the original size, but most anything that fits into the battery box and is 12v, will give satisfactory performance.

What replaced John Deere 318?

If you follow the John Deere family tree there is no direct 318 replacement. The closest you will come is the x730 as mentioned.

What year is my John Deere 318?

If you want to determine what year your 318 was manufactured, start by retrieving the serial number, which is located on a small plate beneath the steering column. Basically, John Deere 318 serial numbers begin with “M00318X”. Following that, you’ll see a group of six digits, such as 285073.

What engine is in a John Deere 318?

John Deere 318 Engine

Engine Detail
Onan B43G
air-cooled horizontal-shaft opposed twin
The Onan B43G was used from 1983 to 1987, ending with tractor serial number M00318X420000.
Displacement 709 cc 43.3 ci

What does a John Deere 318 weigh?

John Deere 318

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase 46 inches 116 cm
Weight 780 to 836 pounds
Front tire 16×6.50-8
Rear tire 23×10.50-12
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