What is John Deere SCV?

The SCVs are non-stackable, mono block valves. Each SCV features a detented float position. The first valve is equipped with flow control, allowing operators to run a hydraulic motor. Each SCV has a float position as well as a knob with three selectable detents: no detent, continuous flow, and auto-kick out.

What does SCV mean on a tractor?

Implements are the typical use of hydraulics off the tractor, and selective control valves (SCVs) control the volume of flow. Implements use hydraulic oil to perform a variety of functions such as raising and lowering parts as well as providing power to motors and other devices for mechanical movement.

What is a power beyond valve?

Power beyond – also called high-pressure carry over (HPCO), is a facility on a mobile hydraulic directional control valve that enables the pressure gallery to be isolated from the tank gallery and be carried over to an additional valve – usually another directional control valve.

What is a power beyond kit?

Power-beyond kit. The power-beyond kit allows accessing pressurized hydraulic oil at the rear of the tractor for operating attachments equipped with an open center control valve, such as a backhoe and log splitter.

How does a power beyond valve work?

In a nutshell, Power Beyond is a facility in the outlet section of a mobile directional control valve, which enables the pressure bypass gallery to be isolated from the tank gallery. By doing this, the pressure gallery can then be carried over or continued on to the P port of another directional control valve (DCV).

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What is power beyond on a John Deere tractor?

The Power Beyond hydraulic system is used as a pressure/flow source for additional functions equipped with independent flow control valves. For example, planter vacuum motors, spray pumps, lift cylinders. … Implement control valve requires external load sense signal to prevent pump operation at high pressure.

What is rear remotes on a tractor?

Rear remotes are simply auxiliary hydraulic connection that allow you to operate hydraulic cylinders. They consist of the quick connections located somewhere on the rear of the tractor and the control lever up by the operator.

What is a power beyond sleeve?

This option provides for proper hookup of an additional valve downstream from another valve. The power beyond sleeve prevents subjecting the exhaust or return passages and spool seals of the control valve to back pressure.

What is the difference between open center and closed center hydraulics?

Open center refers to the open central path of the control valve, when the valve is in neutral position. … Closed-center circuits supply full pressure to the control valves, whether any valves are actuated or not. The pumps vary their flow rate, pumping very little hydraulic fluid until the operator actuates a valve.