What motor is in John Deere Gator?

The Gator vehicles use small but powerful 341 cc (0.341 L) four-stroke engines found in lawn mowers, or an optional diesel engine that is also found in some Deere mowers and utility tractors. They use a continuously variable transmission employing a belt and a conical pulley system.

Who makes John Deere Gator engine?


Like Joyner, John Deere has selected an engine manufactured by Chery International of China. The 812cc inline triple cylinder engine was originally manufactured for use in Chery automobiles, small Chinese-built cars to be exact, and it does have a good track record for “on-road” use.

What engine is in John Deere 6X4 Gator?

Powered by 11.6-kW (15.5-hp)*, 675-cc (41.2-cu in.), air-cooled, V-twin, four-cycle gas engine. The Gator™ TH 6X4 Utility Vehicle is powered by an 11.6-kW (15.5-hp)*, 675-cc (41.2-cu in.), air-cooled, V-twin, four-cycle gas engine.

How much is a John Deere Gator worth?

Prices start at $8999. When it comes to John Deere Gators that can work hard, the full-size XUV family answers the bell. Each machine can carry 1000 pounds in the cargo bed.

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Are John Deere Gators diesel?

The Gator™ TH 6×4 Diesel Utility Vehicle is powered by a 13.6-kW (18.2-hp)*, 993-cc (60.6-cu in.), 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine. … The engine offers the following performance and reliability features: Overhead valve design for greater efficiency and fuel economy.

Which is better Polaris Ranger or John Deere Gator?

As in the other classes, Polaris Ranger has more powerful engines than its counterpart and is a bit faster to get going, So it has a little more versatility, while John Deere Gator is more focused on tasks that need to be performed.

How many hours will a John Deere Gator last?

4K+ hours is a very big number but value/risk is a function of how it was used and how it was maintained.

What is the top speed of a John Deere Gator?

Full-Size Crossover Utility Vehicles Lineup

Model HP Top Speed
XUV835M with HVAC Cab HP 54 hp* Top Speed 45+ mph
XUV835R with Deluxe Cab HP 54 hp* Top Speed 45+ mph
XUV865E HP 23 hp* Top Speed 32 mph
XUV865M HP 23 hp* Top Speed 32 mph

As a utility vehicle, the John Deere Gator was not designed to be used for “off roading”. The units purchased by the College are not all-terrain recreation vehicles. The Gator was not intended for public road or highway use, as it may be a hazard to the faster moving traffic.

Where is the John Deere Gator made?

Although Deere manufactured at other locations in the past, the utility vehicles are now exclusively designed and built in Horicon, Wisconsin.

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How much is a 2020 John Deere Gator?

2020 John Deere Gator XUV865M Specifications

Model Type Utility UTV
BASE MSRP(US) $17,669.00
Dealers John Deere Dealers
Warranty 12

Are John Deere Gators any good?

While they may be used primarily for work, they can also be an excellent source of entertainment or competition thanks to a variety of higher-speed options. About half of Deere’s Gator options travel at speeds less than 25 mph.

Do John Deere Gators have titles?

John Deere Gators do not have titles, just a Manufacture Certificate of Origin (or MSO’s) which you would only need if you are going to put a license plate on it.

Can a John Deere Gator plow snow?

Plows or front-mounted blades excel at clearing snow fast, particularly light snow that’s not exceedingly deep. … When attached to the right vehicle, they make quick work of clearing large areas such as long sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas.

What is the best UTV for the money?

  1. Best for sport: Polaris RZR XP Turbo S. …
  2. Best for families: Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition. …
  3. Best for hunting: Can-Am Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition. …
  4. Best for value: Yamaha Wolverine. …
  5. Best for utility: Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition.

What is similar to a John Deere Gator?

5 Rugged Utility Vehicles: Comparison Test and Buyer’s Guide

  • John Deere Gator XUV. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> …
  • Bobcat 2300. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> …
  • Kawasaki Mule 3010 Trans 4×4. …
  • Kubota RTV900 Worksite Utility. …
  • Polaris Ranger XP.

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