Which mower is best for cutting uneven or hilly terrain?

What is the best lawn mower for hilly terrain?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to select the best riding lawn mower for hills.

  • BEST OVERALL: CRAFTSMAN T310 Turn Tight 24-HP V-twin Riding Mower.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Troy-Bilt TB 30 in. …
  • BEST ELECTRIC: Ryobi 38 in. …
  • BEST ZERO-TURN: Toro 42 in 22.5 HP Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower.

What kind of mower is best for steep hills?

Best Lawn Movers For Hills Comparison Table

Model Clearing Width Our Rating
Honda HRX217K5VKA (Editors Choice) 21″ 4.5 /5
EGO Power+ 20-Inch 20″ 4.4 /5
Snapper XD SXDWM82 21″ 4.4 /5
Troy-Bilt TB330 21″ 4.2 /5

What mowers are good for hills?

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Mowers for Hills:

  • Snapper HI VAC Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower. …
  • Husqvarna 4-in-1 All Wheel Drive Mower. …
  • Troy-Bilt 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower. …
  • Honda Versamow System 4-in-1 Lawn Mower. …
  • Husqvarna Continuously Variable Transmission Pedal Tractor Mower.
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What is the best mowing pattern?

Lawn experts note circling is probably the easiest and most efficient pattern when mowing your lawn. After mowing the edges, just keep making passes in a circular pattern until you make your way to the middle of the yard.

How do you cut a steep hill?

You should never mow up and down the hill directly. Instead you should take a lateral approach running your mower parallel to the slope. If you can use a self-propelled mower make sure to put it in the slowest speed, wear shoes with extra traction, and always keep the mower height to the highest setting.

Can you use a ride on mower on a hill?

Give yourself time to learn the controls on any ride-on mower, especially a zero-turn mower’s levers for steering and speed. Mow straight up and down slopes with a tractor or rider unless the manual says otherwise. And mow side-to-side with walk-behind mowers, start at the bottom and work up-hill. Always turn uphill.

How steep is a 15 degree slope?

Table of Common Slopes in Architecture

Degrees Gradient Percent
7.13° 1 : 8 12.5%
10° 1 : 5.67 17.6%
14.04° 1 : 4 25%
15° 1 : 3.73 26.8%

How do you push a hill mower?

Step by Step: How to safely mow a slope

  1. When using a walk-behind mower, cut back and forth across the hill, instead of up and down. This helps prevent the mower from rolling over when going uphill or getting away from you when going downhill.
  2. If possible, avoid turning on a hill. …
  3. Take it slow when mowing on a slope.

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Are hydrostatic mowers good for hills?

This mower also features a hydrostatic transmission for smooth and effortless operation and has the power to do a pretty decent job of mowing hills of up to 30 degrees incline.

Can you use a zero turn on hills?

Yes, you can use your Zero Turn Mower on the hill, though with more care. Luckily, you can control your Zero Turn Mower on a hill slope with ease. You can control the speed and it is made to avoid injury.

What is the best zero turn for hills?

A Decisive Guide to Find the Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills

Preview Product
Top Pick Ariens IKON-XL 60″ Zero Turn Mower 24hp Kawasaki CHECK PRICE
#1 Choice Husqvarna Z242F Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower CHECK PRICE
Ferris 2018 F400Z Zero Turn Mower CHECK PRICE
Best Value Husqvarna Z142 Zero Turn Riding Mower CHECK PRICE

Is it better to mow or edge first?

1. Mow First. By mowing first, you know how short to trim grass along edges and will be less likely to scalp those areas, giving rise to bare or weedy patches.

When should you not cut your grass?

The right time to stop mowing the lawn is when grass stops growing. You may still need to run the mower to mulch leaves on the lawn until as late as December, depending on weather. An early snowfall that doesn’t stick around isn’t a signal to stop mowing. It all depends on grass growth and leaf cover on the lawn.

Why does my mower leave a row of grass between two blades?

Rows or streaks of uncut grass in your lawn may be the result of your lawnmower’s cutting blades being dull or otherwise damaged. … In any one of those cases, it’s best to replace the blades. Check your lawnmower’s blades, at the very least, at the end of every mowing season as part of your lawnmower maintenance routine.

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