You asked: How long will a John Deere Gator last?

How many hours can a John Deere Gator last?

4K+ hours is a very big number but value/risk is a function of how it was used and how it was maintained.

Are John Deere Gators any good?

While they may be used primarily for work, they can also be an excellent source of entertainment or competition thanks to a variety of higher-speed options. About half of Deere’s Gator options travel at speeds less than 25 mph.

How much does a John Deere Gator cost new?

Should You Buy a John Deere Gator XUV835R?

2021 John Deere Gator XUV/835R
BASE PRICE $25,599
VEHICLE LAYOUT Mid-engine, 4WD, 3-pass, 2-door ATV/ORV truck
ENGINE 0.8L/54-hp/47-lb-ft DOHC 12-valve I-3

Which is better Polaris Ranger or John Deere Gator?

As in the other classes, Polaris Ranger has more powerful engines than its counterpart and is a bit faster to get going, So it has a little more versatility, while John Deere Gator is more focused on tasks that need to be performed.

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How can I make my John Deere Gator faster?

How to Get More Power out of a John Deere Gator

  1. Put nonmethanol power additives in the fuel. This will boost the performance of your Gator by increasing the combustion efficiency of your fuel. …
  2. Use high octane fuel — 87 octane or higher is recommended. …
  3. Change the spark plugs. …
  4. Replace fuel filters and fuel lines on your Gator regularly.

If you have a John Deere that you want to make street legal, you’ve come to the right place. With a few extra parts you can safely make the transition from off road riding to street legal Gator. Side by Side Stuff has everything you need to meet D.O.T.

Where is John Deere Gator made?

Although Deere manufactured at other locations in the past, the utility vehicles are now exclusively designed and built in Horicon, Wisconsin.

What motor is in the John Deere Gator?

The Gator vehicles use small but powerful 341 cc (0.341 L) four-stroke engines found in lawn mowers, or an optional diesel engine that is also found in some Deere mowers and utility tractors.

Who makes the John Deere Gator 825i engine?

Who makes the John Deere Gator 825i engine? Chery SCR372 DOHC Engine (John Deere Gator 825i) This is the Chery double overhead cam 3 cylinder engine that is currently made in China. It is used in Chery vehicles as well as Chevrolet GEO cars and newer side by side all terrain vehicles.

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What is the fastest John Deere Gator?

Full-Size Crossover Utility Vehicles Lineup

Model HP Top Speed
XUV835M with Cab HP 54 hp* Top Speed 45+ mph
XUV835M with HVAC Cab HP 54 hp* Top Speed 45+ mph
XUV835R with Deluxe Cab HP 54 hp* Top Speed 45+ mph
XUV865E HP 23 hp* Top Speed 32 mph

How heavy is a John Deere Gator?

Dimensions / Capacities

Wheelbase 1770 mm 69.7 in.
Vehicle weight 415 kg 915 lb
Height 1108 mm 43.6 in.
Width 1525 mm 60 in.
Length 104 in.

What is the best UTV for the money?

  1. Best for sport: Polaris RZR XP Turbo S. …
  2. Best for families: Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition. …
  3. Best for hunting: Can-Am Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition. …
  4. Best for value: Yamaha Wolverine. …
  5. Best for utility: Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT Ranch Edition.

What is similar to a John Deere Gator?

5 Rugged Utility Vehicles: Comparison Test and Buyer’s Guide

  • John Deere Gator XUV. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> …
  • Bobcat 2300. style=”background-color:#cccccc; font-size:11pt;”> …
  • Kawasaki Mule 3010 Trans 4×4. …
  • Kubota RTV900 Worksite Utility. …
  • Polaris Ranger XP.

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How much does a John Deere side by side cost?

Prices start at $8999. When it comes to John Deere Gators that can work hard, the full-size XUV family answers the bell. Each machine can carry 1000 pounds in the cargo bed.

Do side by sides have air conditioning?

UTVs with air conditioning and heat are also available in crew cab versions.