You asked: How many bushels does a John Deere 9600 hold?

Its a best guess estimate while harvesting. My 9600 will hold 200 bushels of clean beans plus the 2% or so dirt, pods etc.

How many bushels of wheat does a John Deere 9600 hold?

The on-board grain tank has a capacity of just under 250 bushels. The 21.3 foot unloading auger is capable of unloading speeds between 2.2 and 77.5 bushels per second with a 14.3 foot discharge height. The 9600 series combine was manufactured by John Deere from 1989 to 1997.

How many bushels does a John Deere combine?

X Series Combines are available on wheels or tracks. The X9 1000 grain tank can hold up to 420 bushels and the X9 1100 holds up to 460 bushels of grain.

What class of combine is a John Deere 9600?

9500, 9510, 9550cws, 9560cws, 9560sts – class 5 9600, 9610, 9650cws, 9650sts, 9660cws, 9660sts – class 6 9750sts, 9760sts – class 7 9860sts – class 8 Now obviously there are some variations within the classes, as no doubt the 9560sts should walk all over an original 9500, but this should give you a bit of an idea as to …

How tall is a John Deere 9600 combine?

Transporting John Deere 9600 Combine

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This John Deere was 24 feet long, 12 feet wide, 12 feet high and 26,800 pounds.

How much does a 2020 John Deere combine cost?

Most new John Deere combines are priced from $380,000 to $480,000, said Michael Cessna, a sales representative for the Arends-Hogan-Walker (AHW) dealership east of Urbana.

What is the biggest combine in the world?

As of 2020, the biggest combine harvester in the world is the Claas Lexion 8900 – the flagship of the 8000 series. Thus, by launching the most powerful combine harvester last year, Claas proved to be the market leader in Europe. The 790hp Lexion 8900 model features a brand new threshing system – APS Synflow Hybrid.

What is a Class 7 combine?

The class of combine is generally determined by the model’s horsepower; the higher the horsepower, the higher the class number. First, let’s focus on Class 6 and Class 7 combines. Class 6 combines are 268 hp. to 322 hp., and Class 7’s are 323 hp. to 374 hp. … It shows this shift toward larger and larger used combines.

How heavy is a combine?

On average, the S670 weighs approximately 1400 kg (3000 lb) or 7 percent more than the 9770 STS.

General combine configuration MY2011 9770 STS S670
Approximate weight 17,200 kg (38,000 lb) 18,600 kg (41,000 lb)

How tall is a John Deere 9500 combine?

Height is 13 ft. 5 in. to bin auger, cab height is 12 ft. 9 in. with 30.5 tires, width is 15 ft. to outside ladder.

How tall is a John Deere combine?

13.5 feet will be the height.

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