You asked: What is a wheel horse tractor?

Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power equipment, including lawn and garden tractors. The company’s headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana.

Do they still make Wheel Horse tractors?

In the 1970s, Pond sold his company to American Motors, which in turn sold the tractor line to Toro in 1986. Toro continued to make tractors under the Wheel Horse name for a number of years. The brand, however, continues to be a venerable name in mowers.

What is a wheel horse?

1 : a horse (as in a tandem) in a position nearest the wheels. 2 : a steady and effective worker especially in a political body.

How much is a wheel horse tractor worth?

Wheel Horse

Manufacturer Model Avg Asking Price
Wheel Horse 1056 400.00
Wheel Horse 1277 600.00
Wheel Horse 211A 300.00
Wheel Horse 308-8 1200.00

How do you tell what year my wheel horse is?

Look up the model number of your Wheel Horse in the Tractor Blue Book, also known as the Grounds Maintenance Tractor Blue Book, to determine the model year.

Why did wheel horse go out of business?

In 1982, Wheel Horse was spun off from AMC to Munn Investment Group. During this time, some cosmetic changes were made, but frame and attachment design remained the same. In mid-August 1986, Wheel Horse was sold off from Munn and purchased for $8 million by Toro.

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Is Toro made by MTD?

Toro makes Toro and Lawn Boy. MTD makes all of the store brands (i.e., a mower that might have the Home Depot name on it), along with MTD, Dynamark, YardPro, Weed Eater, Noma, and Sears Craftsman.

When did Toro buy wheel horses?

The 1986 purchase of Wheel Horse a manufacturer of lawn tractors and Toro’s entry into the lawn aeration business helped push sales to more than 500 million the following year.