How much does a Kubota excavator weigh?

The line offers bucket breakout force to tackle the toughest excavation jobs, the U17 with 3,417 lbs, the U25 with 5,765 lbs, the U35-4 with 7,924 lbs and the U55-4 with 11,177 lbs.

How much does a Kubota mini excavator weigh?

(Cabin model weighs 2600 kg and the canopy model weighs 2495 kg.)

How much does a Kubota 80 excavator weight?


Operating weight (metric tons): 8.2
Operating weight (lbs): 18,280

How much does a Kubota kx040 4 weight?


Operating weight (metric tons): 4.1
Operating weight (lbs): 9,195

How much do mini excavators weigh?

Compare Compact Excavator Models

Model Net Power Operating Weight
35G Compact Excavator Net Power 17.4 kW (23.3 hp) Operating Weight 3,690 kg (8,135 lb.)
50G Compact Excavator Net Power 26.8 kW (35.9 hp) Operating Weight 4,920 kg (10,847 lb.)
60G Compact Excavator Net Power 39.6 kW (53 hp) Operating Weight 6,180 kg (13,620 lb.)

What is the biggest Kubota excavator?

The KX080 is Kubota’s largest compact excavator weighing in at almost 20,000 pounds and having an overall reach of 23 feet.

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How much is a new Kubota excavator?

Summary: Kubota Excavator Prices

A Kubota excavator will cost as little as $18,000 for a small used model or as much as $140,000 and even more for a very large full sized new model.

How much can a Kubota KX057-4 lift?

Power: The KX057-4 is powered by a 47.6hp (35.5kW) direct-injection engine, delivering plenty of power for excavating, backfilling trenches, and construction material handling needs. The ground-level lift capacity of this mini excavator is 1075kg (2370 lbs.).

How much does a Kubota 57 weigh?

Compare with these similar machines:

KX057-4 Compact Excavator U35-4 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator
Blade Height 1’4.1″ 13.2″
Blade Lift Above Ground 17.3″ 14.6″
Blade Drop Below Ground 16.1″ 14.6″
Operating Weight 12200 lbs. w/ canopy – 12400 lbs w/ cab 8025 lbs w/ canopy – 8267 lbs. w/ cab

How much does a Kubota KX91 3 weight?

Compare with these similar machines:

KX91-3 Compact Excavator KX121-3 Compact Excavator
Operating Weight 7110 lbs w/ canopy – 7330 lbs w/ cab 25 degree
Digging Depth 10′ 5″ 9063 lbs w/ canopy – 9261 lbs w/ cab
Digging Depth – Vertical 7′ 10″ 11′ 6″
Digging Height 16′ 3″ 8′ 2″

How much does a Kubota KX71 3 weight?

The KX71-3S’s operating weight of 6,305 lbs. (2,860 kg) will make you think you are in an excavator one class larger.

How much does a Kubota U35 weight?


Operating weight (metric tons): 3.6
Operating weight (lbs): 8,129

What is the smallest excavator you can buy?

Yanmar’s SV08-1D is its smallest mini excavator coming in at just 2,348 lbs.

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What is the best brand of mini excavator?

The hottest mini excavators on the market

  • The hottest mini excavators on the market.
  • Takeuchi TB216H mini excavator.
  • Kubota U55-4 mini excavator.
  • Bobcat E50 mini excavator.
  • Caterpillar 301.8 mini excavator.
  • Kubota KX040-4 mini excavator.
  • Sunward SWE18UB mini excavator.
  • Agrison ME850 mini excavator.

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What is the smallest Kubota excavator?

The smallest of Kubota’s KX line, the K008-3 has a narrow enough track width and chassis that it can fit through a standard door frame. And, standing a diminutive 7’4″ with its roll bar extended, the Kubota Koo8-3 Compact Excavator can fit into just about any space you’d like.