Question: How many feet can an excavator dig in a day?

“That’s one trench with one operator, opening up 10,000 feet of trench per day, whereas one excavator can open up 1,000 to 1,500 feet per day.

How much dirt can an excavator move an hour?

Neal reports that the machine moved an average of 1,900 tons of material per hour with a 6-cubic-yard bucket. Considering that their 20-ton excavators can move nearly 490 tons per hour, the advantage of the larger machine is clear.

How deep can an excavator dig?

An excavator can dig between 10 to 48 feet deep.

How deep can a mini excavator dig?

A 4,000- to 6,000-pound mini excavator can dig a 10-foot-deep hole. Larger 10,000- to 12,000-pound mini excavators allow dig depths as deep as 14 feet.

How fast can a backhoe dig?

But with a bucket in the front, backhoes can also move large amounts of material. Backhoes are faster, with speeds up to 25 mph, and because they’re on tires, they have more mobility to go virtually anywhere on the job site.

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How much excavation can be done in a day?

It depends upon the soil type and machine category. For ordinary gravelly soils with JCB ( around 40HP) will excavate around 30-40 Cum per Hour and in sandy soils it is about 35-45 CUm . In case of Escors Ex 60 it may increase about 20% and more workability.

How do you calculate excavator productivity?

In terms of cubic meter per hour = 100m x 0.11m x 3.5 m ≅ 40 m3/hr. Result = 40 cubic meter per hour. From this research based case study, it is concluded that:- Excavator cost ₹ 15 per cubic metre of excavation. (It is equipment’s performance which is ratio of per hour cost and productivity).

How deep can you dig with a bobcat?

Both the 35PH and 50PH planetary augers are 11.5 inches wide and 39.6 inches long and can dig to depths of 73 inches without an extension. An optional adjustable inner extension is available to increase the digging depth an additional 48 inches.

How deep can a 1.5 ton digger dig?

1.5 Ton excavator TB016 (1.5 Ton)

Technical specification
Max Reach at Ground Level (mm) 3890
Max Vertical Digging Depth (mm) 1910
Max Bucket Digging Force (Kn) 13.1
Width (mm) 1030

Can you dig a pond with mini excavator?

Excavators vary in size and strength depending on what they will be used for. If you intend to dig a small personal pond, a compact excavator is the best variety for the job. If your project requires a depth of more than 14 feet, however, you may want to opt for a standard excavator.

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What size excavator Do I need to remove stumps?

The big issue with using a mini excavator to remove stumps is weight. With a machine under 10,000 lbs., you will have your hands full breaking bigger stumps free, and wrestling them out of the hole.

Does Home Depot rent excavators?

The Home Depot Rental offers a fleet of mini excavator rentals with options to support jobs of any size. … Whether you’re a Pro taking on an excavating job or a DIYer planting trees, you’ll find the right model to complete the job.

Can you dig with a skid steer?

Excavating, digging and trenching: A skid steer is great for earthmoving tasks like digging, trenching and excavating. … With these attachments, you can also scoop up rocks while you level the ground without leaving big trenches behind.

How long does it take to dig a ditch?

How long does it take to dig a ditch? It takes about 12 hours to dig 100 linear feet of trench. Measure the number of linear feet you need to dig and multiply that by 0.12 for an approximate labor period.

How many feet per minute will a trencher dig?

The trencher offers a cutting depth of 12 inches and can trench up to 30 feet per minute.